Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Dharshan Timings

Srirangam is adjoining town of Trichy City in the centre of Tamil Nadu and it is famous for its Shri Ranganathaswamy Temple. The Cauveri River on one side and the Kollidam River on the other bind Srirangam town

Lord Ranganathar is the presiding Deity in Srirangam Shri.Ranganathaswamy Temple.

The temple complex comprises of many other temples and about 53 sub temples called upa sannathis.

The other sannathis in the temple are:

Thayar Sannathi
Chakkarathazwar Sannathi
Udayavar (Ramanujar Sannathi)
Garudalwar Sannathi
Thanvanthiri Sannathi
Hygrevar Sannathi

Pooja Schedule
Sri Ranganathar Sannathi

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Dharshan Timings

Viswaroopa seva 06:00 to 07:15
Pooja time – ( No Darshan) 07:15 to 09:00
General Darshan Timings 09:00 to 12:00
Pooja time – ( No Darshan) 12:00 to 13:15
Darshan Timings 13:15 to 18.00
Pooja time – ( No Darshan) 18.00 to 18:45
Darshan Timings 18:45 to 21.00

No Darshan after 21.00 at Sanctum Sanctorum

Quick Seva – Rs.250/- per head.
Viswaroopa Seva – Rs.100/- per head.
General Entrance – in All Seva timings

  • Timings are subject to change on Festival Days

Srirangam is the foremost of the eight self-manifested shrines (Swayam Vyakta Kshetras) of Lord Vishnu . It is also considered the first, foremost and the most important of the 108 main Vishnu temples (Divyadesams). This temple is also known as Thiruvaranga Tirupati, Periyakoil, Bhoologa Vaikundam, Bhogamandabam. In the Vaishnava parlance the term “KOIL” signifies this temple only. The temple is enormous in size. The temple complex is 156 acres in extent. It has seven prakaras or enclosures. These enclosures are formed by thick and huge rampart walls which run round the sanctum. There are 21 magnificent towers in all prakaras providing a unique sight to any visitor. this temple lies on an islet formed by the twin rivers Cauvery and Coleroon.

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